Strategic Guidance

Considering a new direction for your company? Unsure of where to go next? See a new trend in the market that you can take advantage of?  We'll help make that a reality by delivering a series of strategic workshops and exercises that include:

      • Opportunity identification
      • Evaluation of risk and reward
      • Development of a strategic road map
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Financial Analytics

We get it, spreadsheets and financial statements aren't for everyone. Fortunately for you, our finance team specializes in data analytics focused on improving your profitability.  Here's some ways we can help:

      • Cash flow modelling
      • Capital and operating budgeting
      • Scenario planning

Succession Planning

You've spent years building your company into the successful business it is today and now it's time to transition ownership. We understand this is a sensitive process and we are here to help by:

      • Streamlining operations
      • Identifying ownership alternatives
      • Evaluating monetization options
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Sale of Business

If you are considering selling the business you have built, we can help by:

      • Performing a business valuation
      • Identifying potential purchasers
      • Representing you in sale negotiations

Citrus Financial Operations

You are completely focused on running your business; why not leave the CFO function to us? We will help you with:

      • Financial analysis
      • Capital structure management
      • Bookkeeping and monthly reporting

Operations Optimization

Feel like your internal processes and operations could be updated or enhanced?  We can help by:

      • Providing management tools to improve decision making
      • Systematizing internal processes
      • Optimizing roles and job functions

Marketing & Communications

Do you need to share your story? We can help by:

      • Identifying target demographics and markets
      • Brand building and marketing strategy development
      • Actively managing social media accounts

How Can We Help?

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